Our Vision

To be a leading national museum by exploring why football is the game of our lives

We’re England’s only national museum for football. We explore the impact of football on all of our lives and how it shapes our identities.

Our vision is simple – we want to be known as a leading national museum, engaging one million visitors through our doors, digitally and by visiting our local communities and schools.

Download: Our Future Story

Our Mission

Sharing stories about football

We’re the place for everyone to enjoy stories about football culture. It’s our mission to hear those stories and tell them in an engaging and creative way.

Our Values

Creative & Inspiring: Using our imaginations to enthuse all our visitors

Authentic & Honest: Telling real stories with integrity

Inclusive & Respectful: Being friendly and approachable

Passionate & Fun: Instilling passion and enjoyment for football

Our Aims

Aim 1: To become a centre of excellence for football heritage through fully representative exhibitions, collections and research

Aim 2: Build an award-winning inclusive programme of community and public engagement activities

Aim 3: Deliver an exceptional visitor and stakeholder experience growing our fan base, achieving long term financial sustainability

Aim 4: Operate a good practice model for our physical and human resources