National Football Museum Receives Carbon Literacy Organisation Accreditation

The National Football Museum is one of the first museums in the country to receive an official Carbon Literacy Organisation (CLO) accreditation standard.

Awarded by the Carbon Literacy Trust, the CLO accreditation supports the development, recruitment and retention of a Carbon Literate workforce, and requires an organisation to engage positively with its audiences and communities in developing and delivering low carbon behaviour.

In addition, Carbon Literacy makes a tangible contribution to staff wellbeing, professional development and employability and to the overall efficiency of the workplace in our collective role and responsibility in tackling climate change.

Anthony Willder, Chief Operating Officer at the National Football Museum said: “The National Football Museum is committed to reducing its carbon emissions and we apply this across the organisation; from the way we design and implement our exhibitions and community programming to the sourcing of retail, food and beverage products. We are proud to work with the Carbon Literacy Project and will continue to champion climate change in the museum and across Manchester as a member of GMAST (Greater Manchester Art and Sustainability Team).”

Within the next 12 months, the National Football Museum aims to achieve silver accreditation status as more carbon reduction initiatives are implemented across the organisation both at the museum in Manchester and Resource Centre in Preston, home of the Football Heritage Collection.