This festive season museum Director, Dr. Kevin Moore, is on an undercover mission to give out early Christmas presents.

Donning a Santa Claus costume, Dr. Moore spread the spirit of Christmas throughout the city and the museum by surprising passers-by and visitors with football-themed goodies.

The Santa substitute gave away gifts including a priceless England 1966 replica shirt signed by footballing legend and hat trick hero Sir Geoff Hurst.

John Roberts, 82 from Nantwich certainly got more than he bargained for during his visit and was delighted to be the recipient of an official England 1966 World Cup shirt signed by Hurst.

Mr Roberts said: “What a great surprise, I certainly wasn’t expecting this when I visited. I told my son, who’s visiting this Christmas from Dundee, I was visiting the National Football Museum today and he asked me to get him a piece of memorabilia, I think the shirt will give him a bit of a shock.

“It’s a wonderful gift, I can clearly remember watching the victorious 1966 World Cup final at home on television with my wife.”

Substitute Santa Dr. Kevin Moore commented, “It was a brilliant experience to dress in Santa’s famous outfit and surprise and delight football fans with some truly amazing gifts. Hopefully we’ve made this special time of year even more memorable for our visitors.”

In the run up to Christmas keep an eye out for further visits from the manager of Christmas himself and for your chance to receive some fantastic footballing presents!

A range of gifts inspired by the beautiful game as well as official signed memorabilia is available from the museum’s newly launched online shop –