Visitor Notice: Penalty Shootout

We are aware that some visitors may have experienced a duplicate payment for the National Football Museum’s Penalty Shootout game between 20 July to 4 August.

This is due to a technical error by our payment providers, PAYA Group, for card payments made for the Penalty Shootout priced at £2 per game. It does not affect any other payment transactions at the museum.

If you have experienced a duplicate payment, please contact PAYA Group direct by emailing with the following information, which will help them resolve the issue as soon as possible:

  • Date you made the Penalty Shootout payment (and approximate time if you know this).
  • The number of Penalty Shootout games purchased, and how many duplicate payments were subsequently taken in error.
  • The last four digits of the card you paid with. If you used Apple or Google Pay, then the last four digits of your Apple/Google Pay account number.

On behalf of the National Football Museum and PAYA Group we apologise for any inconvenience this error has caused. We are working hard to process all refunds promptly.